NJ State PBA Statement on PTC Licensing Rules Vote August 10, 2023

The Police Training Commission (PTC) today voted to approve regulations that will supplement the law governing licensing for law enforcement officers beginning on January 1, 2024.  These rules are required by the law to assist the PTC in structuring and managing the licensing process.  Just as we had done when the law was being drafted, the State PBA has spent weeks pushing back against government overreach and misinterpretations during the rule making process.

As a result of these efforts, the State PBA was successful in revising the rules in a number of key areas.  The State PBA was successful in preventing the PTC from acting as Internal Affairs when receiving complaints from the public.  We removed subjective language governing interpreting an officer’s “moral character” during license renewal.  We revised language governing hearing officers, waivers and in a host of other areas.  In addition, we forced a future discussion on social media access to ensure the rules protect officer rights.

But more importantly, we were able to hold the State accountable to ensure that the process for discussing the rules occurred with the PTC Commissioners and not behind closed doors by unaccountable staff.

Licensing was not something we chose to be subjected to but our efforts in the Legislature and at the PTC have ensured that the process will be akin to standards and practices law enforcement officers today are already living under.  There is nothing in the law or the rules that will treat an officer any differently than they are treated today when they are disciplined, suspended or terminated.  But without our efforts over the last 2 years that certainly would not have been the case.

We are committed to being a forceful and proactive leader for law enforcement officers’ rights and we will continue to do so as licensing unfolds in 2024.

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