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Dr. Ange Puig, Ph.D. - Autobiography 2023

Clinical Psychologist

Ange Puig, Ph. D.

Ange Puig, Ph.D. earned his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Iona College in 1967. He obtained his doctoral degree in psychology from Columbia University in 1979. Dr. Puig became licensed in New Jersey in 1984.

Dr. Puig holds memberships in the N.J.P.A. and A.P.A. Division for Traumatic Stress and has a Certificate of Proficiency in the Assessment and Treatment of Alcohol and other psychoactive substances.

Dr. Puig is the former board president for both the Prevention Plus Burlington County Drug and Alcohol Council and the Mental Health Association of Southwestern New Jersey. He has submitted an Amicus Brief on PTSD and Police Accidental Injury to the NJ Supreme Court and served as a member on Acting Governor Codey’s Mental Health Task Force in 2005.

With a professional background in Mindfulness, Clinical Hypnosis, and Solution Focused treatments, he has provided seminars to a variety of agencies and groups addressing issues such as: Stress, Sleep issues and Chronic pain.

He has provided consultation, supervision and training for several South Jersey programs involving children, foster care children, families and staff. He has provided professional services to SAMHSA as well as critical incident stress debriefing services to a variety of local, state and national groups and psychological services for adults with intellectual disabilities. He has been a guest lecturer on various radio/television programs, college forums and has provided professional training seminars on a local and national basis.

His practice specialties focus on areas such as assessment of parenting capacity, clinical supervision, trauma specific therapeutic intervention, assessment and treatment of sex-offenders, violence proneness risk assessments and psychological services for law enforcement agencies.

In his professional career of 40 years, the practice approach has incorporated Solution Focus Treatment, Ericksonian approaches, and Mindfulness as a clinical resource with an appreciation for culture, diversity and creativity within the individual.

Reflecting upon my 40 some years of professional practice, it is difficult to capture the sum of those experiences and, in many or few words, my best efforts to capture my life and professional learnings is that the roots stem from Ericksonian Therapy and Act and Acceptance Therapy approaches by which I strive to be pragmatic, innovative, and client-centered in my collaborative dialogues between myself as the clinician and clients thus stressing resource discovery and the development of Psychological Wellbeing.

Ange Puig, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
NJ-35SI00180800 / PA-PS003738L

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