Labor Relations Services

Michael Freeman joined the Summit Police Department in January of 1995. He immediately got involved in Summit PBA Local #55 and was elected to the Local Executive Board in 1997, along with an appointment to the Negotiations Committee. After serving terms as Financial Secretary, Vice-President and President, he was elected to his current position as State Delegate in 2005. As a Detective in the City of Summit, Michael developed a penchant for investigating financial crimes, with a focus on “following the money”. Prior to his appointment full-time at the State PBA office, he served two terms as the Chairman of Union County Conference and member of the State PBA Executive Board where he remains as a Vice President.

In 2006, Michael was appointed to the Collective Bargaining Committee. While working closely with George O’Brien and the rest of the committee, he acquired extensive knowledge of Collective Negotiations Agreements from all areas of the state. Michael’s experience with grievance arbitration with Summit PBA and other Locals extends more than 20 years and his attendance at PERC symposiums and conferences has proven invaluable. For years, he worked behind-the-scenes at the NJSPBA Collective Bargaining Seminar as Co-Chair, and ultimately, Chairman of the Committee. In addition to those responsibilities, Michael is Co-Chair of the Convention Committee and a member of the New Delegates, PAC, and Special Services Committees.

All Locals are invited to request data regarding comparable jurisdictions for negotiations preparation. This data has been culled, by the committee, from contracts dating back to the 1980’s. We will continue to provide this information to any Local that has a contract on file with the State PBA. Please call the State Office to discuss your specific needs.

Information Available

  • Grievance Arbitration Research
  • Collective Bargaining Programs
  • Archives of all Collective Bargaining Agreements.
  • Demographic Info.
  • Informative Seminar

Appointments and inquiries can be made by calling the following telephone numbers:

  • State Office: (732)636-8860
  • Woodbridge State Office (Fax): 732-636-3111