Greetings from Pat Colligan, NJSPBA President

Upon the planned retirement of Tony Wieners, I became President of the NJ State PBA officially on July 1st.  It is a tremendous honor and one that I am prepared to give my passionate dedication to the organization as a whole and my commitment to each of you that the protection of our rights, benefits and pensions will be my foremost obligation.  One of my first official actions as State President was appointing Bro. Marc Kovar, Passaic PBA Local #14 to be Executive Vice President.  Marc’s devotion to the State PBA is evident in everything he does.  He is a great friend to me and there is no more committed fighter for the members of the State PBA.

We are fortunate that State PBA President Wieners has built the most professional, dedicated and prepared labor organization in New Jersey over the past 7 years so that this transition will occur without delays.  Labor relations, collective bargaining, legal protection, retirement planning, government relations and all member services will continue to operate as smoothly as it does today.  It is my goal therefore not only to preserve these successful member benefits but to build on the foundation that I am inheriting.

But maintaining the operations of the State PBA is only part of the duties of President.  Make no mistake, our benefits remain under attack by unscrupulous politicians who seek to manipulate your careers for their own political agenda.  We need to act as a solid wall to prevent them from further eroding our pensions and from chipping away any more of the fairness that once existed at the bargaining table.  If we are truly working as one cohesive and focused group we can change the political plague that has taken over the State.  But if we splinter, even in small areas, then all of our work will fall apart.  If we bicker publicly and stand at the side of candidates who campaign to destroy your jobs and your retirement then that just makes it easier for them to win.  We must not allow that to happen.

We have no choice but to improve and enhance what we do and how we do it, not only in Woodbridge but with all of you all over New Jersey.  We are the most respected law enforcement organization in New Jersey and we will remain so with your help.