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NJ State PBA Promotional Video


Andreyev and Freeman Take Helm of State PBA

Peter Andreyev and Michael Freeman were sworn in as President and Executive Vice President of the 31,000 member New Jersey State PBA this morning at the May Delegates meeting.  

Andreyev, a police officer from Point Pleasant Beach, and Freeman, a Detective from Summit, are both 30 year veteran officers and long time State PBA leaders.  

In a joint statement the new PBA leaders said: 

“We have both dedicated our lives to the service of our brother and sister officers. Protecting and enhancing the rights, benefits and safety of New Jerseys law enforcement officers will be the focus of our leadership.” 

“Taking on these responsibilities is the greatest honor of our careers. We will ensure the State PBA remains the best law enforcement union in the nation and we will be a strong and consistent voice in defense of our members.”


NJSPBA Consumer Warning: Telemarketers Schemes

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Health Care Price Transparency

A recent poll shows healthcare costs are voters’ top financial concern. Employer and union health plans like the one I oversee at the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association are on the front lines of this healthcare cost crisis. Collectively, these plans provide coverage for 160 million Americans. Over the last two years, our health plan costs increased by 31% to an average of $43,000 per policyholder. Today, our 30,000 active-duty police officers must pay upwards of $15,000 annually for coverage. Taxpayers pay the rest. Next year, hospital surgery costs are expected to drive our plan costs up another 15%, bringing annual premiums to nearly $50,000." This is the beginning of an Op-Ed written by Kevin Lyons in Fortune magazine as a follow-up to his well-received testimony before the US Congress. To read the entire piece, click here

Legislature Approves PBA Priority Bill

On the last day of the legislative session the Senate and Assembly today approved PBA initiated legislation to remove the threat of prosecution for civil rights violations from officers who encounter minors with cannabis and alcohol.

The bill, A5610, restores the requirement that in order for an officer to be prosecuted for a deprivation of civil rights violation that there must be a finding that the officer acted to target a person who is in a protected class. Current law states that there does not need to be a finding of intent for a civil rights prosecution to occur if an officer encounters a suspected minor with alcohol or cannabis and detains the person for longer than needed to identify them, among other restrictions on officer actions with minors. 

The State PBA has been lobbying for the last few years to fix this egregious problem that has tied officers hands across the State. The lack of enforcement power due to the threat of officer prosecution has resulted in minors throughout New Jersey openly violating the underage consumption law while engaging in dangerous and sometimes violent activities. The passage of the bill has been a major priority for the NJ State PBA all session.

We would like to thank Assembly Majority Leader Greenwald and Senator Beach for their support and leadership in expediting the passage of this bill. They have been true allies in our effort to protect our members and ensure that kids are not harmed by the unlawful use of alcohol and cannabis. We are grateful the Governor agreed with our concerns and will sign the bill into law.

Governor signs 20 and Out extension

Governor Murphy today signed into law legislation extending the 20 and Out benefit for 3 more years. As previously reported the bill was conditionally vetoed by the Governor to give the pension board more time to study the financial impact of the benefit. However, the Governors veto language confirms that at the PFRS Board of Trustees has the power to make the benefit permanent in the future.

Members considering retirement should consult with PFRS staff and MBOS for the date for reinstatement of the benefit option online.

The bill was a major priority for the State PBA. Special thanks to Senator Gopal and Assemblyman DeAngerlo for their sponsorship and forceful advocacy to get the bill done before the summer recess.

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NJ Cops Magazine

April 2024 Back Issues

President's Message

Peter Andreyev, NJSPBA President Peter Andreyev, President

It’s no secret that there was a lot of talk about the March Mini Convention with NJSPBA President Pat Colligan announcing his retirement effective May 1. April is proving to be no different with the announcement of our new executive vice president.

At the April State Delegates’ meeting, I was very happy to announce that Michael Freeman will be serving as the new NJSPBA Executive Vice President. For those of you not familiar with Mike, he currently serves as the NJSPBA Labor Relations Coordinator. Any member who has attended our Collective Negotiations Seminar will see Mike as a familiar face, since he runs that every February. In addition, he helps PBA Locals with filing grievances and unfair labor practices, and, of course, with negotiating contracts. In his spare time, he even helps build playgrounds, working with the renowned Where Angels Play foundation.

If you flip forward a couple of pages in this issue, you will lucky enough to read his monthly article in NJ Cops Magazine. Mike has been in his current position since 2018 and has taken that job to new levels with his skill set. While we have certainly worked on many things together in the past six years he has been in the PBA office, I am looking forward to working with him in this new role. His professionalism and knowledge of PBA-related topics are second to none.

Just like Pat Colligan and I worked together as a team after Marc Kovar retired, Mike and I will be no different. Running thi s organization is no small task, and certainly not possible to do alone. Having the right people and team in place to ensure a seamless transition on May 1 is key. I am certain that Michael Freeman is the right man for the executive vice president role, and I know that we are both looking forward to serving this association as your president and executive vice president.

As we look ahead to May, we also know the second week of the month is National Police Week. Law enforcement agencies from across the nation will come to Washington, D.C., for a number of observances to honor police officers who have died in the line of duty. I have been fortunate to attend for the past few years, and I am looking forward to being there again this year. Standing on the streets of Washington, D.C. alongside the families and loved ones of officers from around the country participating in the Police Unity Tour and greeting those who ride for the fallen officers is nothing short of awe-inspiring, not to mention a roller coaster of emotions.

Unfortunately, there are more names to add to the wall at the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial this year, and we will all do our best to honor them during Police Week. If you have never attended Police Week, I strongly encourage you to make the tr ip. It will make you even more proud to be a law enforcement officer when you see the support of your brother and sister officers from across the country.

During National Police Week, the National Law Enforcement Memorial is packed with people everywhere. While it is always wonderful to see the crowds, the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice also deserve time of their own, in a smaller, more intimate setting at the Memorial. On April 14, Garden State Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) made their annual bus trip to the National Law Enforcement Memorial to do just that. Each year the PBA is proud to sponsor that bus trip to honor their loved ones without the crowds.

Sometimes it may seem like all we do is fundraisers, and you may find yourself asking why. Being able to sponsor endeavors like the Garden State C.O.P.S. bus trip is just one of the reasons why. Remember, fundraisers benefiting our Survivor and Welfare Fund are what help us to continue to give back. May 6 will be our Survivor and Welfare Golf Tournament at Trump National in Bedminster, and June 6 will be the Annual Cigar Gala at Crystal Springs Resort in Vernon Township. These are our two largest fundraisers benefiting the Survivor and Welfare Fund, and I know I can count on all of you to be there to help raise funds. If you can’t be there yourself, our hope is that you will spread the word to others who can be there to help continue raising funds for our Survivor and Welfare Fund. Be safe out there this month and, as always, be sure to reach out to any one of us in the State PBA office if we can be of assistance.