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Peter Andreyev has been a member of the Point Pleasant Beach Police Department since being hired as a Special Officer in 1992. He was hired full time as a Police Officer in February of 1994. Though most of his career was spent in Patrol, Pete also had assignments as a Bicycle Patrol Officer and as an Investigator. Pete also served as a Police Academy and Department Instructor in the Use of Force (Defensive Tactics) and EVOC. Pete was elected President of Point Pleasant Beach PBA Local 106 in June of 1996 and then took over an unexpired term as Delegate in November of 1997 and has served ever since. In 2003 Pete was elected to the State PBA Executive Board and is currently serving as 2nd Vice President.

In 2003 Pete was elected as Chairman of the Ocean County PBA conference and was appointed to various committees on the state level. Currently Pete serves on the Scholarship Committee, as well as the new delegates committee and convention committee. Pete was appointed to become the Chairman of the Convention Committee in 2013.

Pete was named the NJSPBA Pension Coordinator and started in that capacity on October 1, 2014. He will conduct Police and Firemens' Retirement System pension seminars throughout the state and will meet with individual members seeking information on disability retirements. He is available to answer any questions regarding the PFRS system by phone, email or in person.

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Senate & Assembly Overwhelmingly Pass PFRS Independence bill

The Senate and Assembly today have passed historic legislation to provide independence, policy making and investment powers to the PFRS Board of Trustees. The bill was a major priority for the State PBA and it's passage culminates several years of research and outreach to once and for all protect the PFRS from abuse and political interference. The bill provides the PFRS Board of Trustees with powers to invest PFRS funds, make policy decisions over pension benefits and provides powers for the board to ensure employer contributions.

The State PBA leadership specifically wishes to thank Senate President Sweeney for his passion and leadership in ensuring passage of this proposal and we are grateful for the efforts of Assembly Speaker Coughlin to further strengthen the protections offered by this bill to PFRS members. The quick movement this session of the bill is in recognition of their support but it signifies the hard work and focus State PBA members placed in urging their representatives to support this bill.

Today's vote came during PBA Day in Trenton. More than 500 PBA members rallied inside the State House to show their support for the bill and for the State PBA's leadership in the State House.

The bill now goes to Governor Murphy for his approval.

Will ending cop salary cap raise your taxes?

A cap on police and fire salary increases in interest arbitration cases will expire at the end of the year unless it is renewed by the Legislature and governor. The New Jersey State League of Municipalities, which represents all 565 of the state’s municipalities, argues that if the cap isn’t renewed, it will put further upward pressure on the state’s highest-in-the-nation property taxes and force reductions in municipal services. The state Policemen’s Benovolent Association argues that the cap isn’t necessary and that contract settlements should be negotiated between towns and local unions, not bound by an arbitrary cap. State PBA president Pat Colligan and League executive director Michael Darcy offered their differing perspectives on the cap in a Q&A

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Important NJSPBA Member Message from Executive Vice President Marc Kovar

It was a hectic day for over 300 NJSPBA members who crowded the NJ Assembly hallways in support of legislation that allows the Police and Firemen’s Retirement System to be managed by a board comprised of law enforcement, firefighters and government officials.  I want to publicly thank all our members who made it to Trenton to gather support for this effort on less than 24-hour notice.  Our membership always comes through when it matters—Thank you.

After years of underperforming investment gains and increasing hedge fund consultant fees, if the governor approves this legislation, this legislation will provide an opportunity for us, along with our brothers and sisters from the FMBA and the FOP, to protect our retirement funds.

I want to also thank the majority of Assembly members and State Senators who supported us in this effort.  I encourage all of you to know your legislators and find out if they supported the NJSPBA today.  Please contact me if you want information on the actual vote.

Message from President Colligan: PFRS Restructuring Bill will lead to growth and lower costs for all

The recent hysteria from local government officials about PBA endorsed legislation to restructure the management of the Police and Firemen’s Retirement System is a massive stretch of the facts that ignores the reality of the clear language of the bill, the success of the labor-management pension funds around the nation and the League of Municipalities role in crafting much of the bill as it appears today.


Call Your Assembly Members Today - Support Legislation S-3040/A-99

Help us fight for the future health of PFRS – Support S-3040/A-99!

Call your Assembly members TODAY!

The Assembly will meet on Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 to consider Senate Bill 3040/Assembly Bill 99.  We proposed the legislation to protect the PFRS from political interference and the State’s mismanagement that over the last 20 years has reduced the value of PFRS from over 100% funded to just over 70% funded today.  The bill establishes a new PFRS Board of Trustees who will hire professionals and staff to manage the PFRS, to make its investments and to establish policies to enforce government pension payments to achieve full funding for the pension fund.  The time has come to put an end to shell games and political moves that has underfunded our pension system.  You deserve to have a pension fund that is managed by professionals whose only job will be to fund PFRS and to preserve your benefits.  Our bill will do that and we need your support today to get it done.

Please call your Assembly members today:

  • Tell them you are a voter in their District
  • Tell them you are a member of the State PBA
  • Ask them to vote “YES” on S-3040/A-99

One short phone call multiplied by our 33,000 members and your family can make a difference.  The choice before us is clear.  Do nothing and let the State continue to mismanage PFRS and lose money investing for you or pass this bill and bring stability and fiscal strength to PFRS.

The choice belongs to the Assembly now.  Let them know you care about the future of PFRS and this bill.


Pat Colligan
State President

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