PBA Stands with other Public Employee Groups on Health Care Concepts

Today, President Colligan attended a joint meeting of the labor members of the State Health Benefits Design Committee and the State Education Health Benefits Design Committee along with Senate President Steven Sweeney to discuss a new concept in health care delivery for SHBP members.

At the meeting, a concept in health care delivery, direct primary care medical homes, was discussed. In this model, members would be able to utilize a cadre of doctors and would be centered around the whole health of the patient.

The SHBPDC labor side agreed to endorse a concept and attempt to develop a plan contingent on agreement of the labor and management side. It is important to know that the committee has not agreed to any specifics and a majority of the committee is required to design any plan.

At a subsequent press conference, President Colligan stood shoulder to shoulder with the members of the design committees and other public sector leaders to introduce the concept. We will keep you informed and will have a full description of the optional pilot concept in the near future