Important Message from Kevin Lyons About Health Benefits Dental Plan

The State PBA has just learned that the State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs has directed all municipalities in the State who have accepted Transitional Aid must have their employees switch to the NJ State Health Benefits Dental Plan.
Please take note that according to the Model MOU listed in Local Finance Notice 2014-12, the municipality is instructed to tell the bargaining units that if certain cost containment issues are not adhered to the transitional aid amount may be decreased. This is not a mandate on our collective bargaining units.
The State PBA strongly suggests that members do not take any action until they have spoken to their Local Labor Attorney and have received guidance on the matter.
The PBA will keep you posted as information develops.
To determine if your employer has accepted transitional aid, please go to the link below:
Please review Local Finance Notice 2014-12
And a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding, specifically Page 6 titled “Individual and Collective Negotiation Agreements” as well as attachment J&K.