PBA Priorities Moving in Trenton

Three important legislative priorities for the State PBA were advanced in Trenton over the last few weeks continuing a string of successful lobbying on the issues that matter to active and retired PBA members:
Senate Bill 879: The legislation  would prohibit a law enforcement agency from terminating an officer for “fitness for duty” who sustained a career ending injury while they are awaiting their disability pension and using sick leave.  The bill was unanimously approved by the State Senate and is awaiting consideration by the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee.
Senate Bill 790: The bill creates a “GAP training” program for corrections officers to become sheriff officers in certain counties.  The bill, originating from the State PBA, was unanimously released by the Senate Budget Committee, and is awaiting final passage.
Assembly Bill 2690: The bill updates the law governing the carrying of firearms by retired law enforcement officers by clarifying the list of law enforcement agencies covered by the original State PBA initiated law from 1997.