The Senate and Assembly today have passed historic legislation to provide independence, policy making and investment powers to the PFRS Board of Trustees. The bill was a major priority for the State PBA and it's passage culminates several years of research and outreach to once and for all protect the PFRS from abuse and political interference. The bill provides the PFRS Board of Trustees with powers to invest PFRS funds, make policy decisions over pension benefits and provides powers for the board to ensure employer contributions.

The State PBA leadership specifically wishes to thank Senate President Sweeney for his passion and leadership in ensuring passage of this proposal and we are grateful for the efforts of Assembly Speaker Coughlin to further strengthen the protections offered by this bill to PFRS members. The quick movement this session of the bill is in recognition of their support but it signifies the hard work and focus State PBA members placed in urging their representatives to support this bill.

Today's vote came during PBA Day in Trenton. More than 500 PBA members rallied inside the State House to show their support for the bill and for the State PBA's leadership in the State House.

The bill now goes to Governor Murphy for his approval.

On March 3rd from 9am to 3pm, the State PBA will be holding our annual "Trenton Day" visit to the State House. This event has become a crucial part of our legislative activity and a large turnout of PBA members sends a message to our legislators that the State PBA speaks and acts as one and is active, engaged and ready to descend upon Trenton at a moments notice.

Members will have a chance to sit in on legislative committees and meet your legislators.

I therefore want to encourage you to spread the word to your Local and to your retired members to set time aside on March 3rd and join us in Trenton. Let's make sure that there isn't a spot in the State House and the State House Annex that isn't lined wall to wall with PBA members.

Thanks and I hope to see you in Trenton in a few days

Pat Colligan

State President