It was a hectic day for over 300 NJSPBA members who crowded the NJ Assembly hallways in support of legislation that allows the Police and Firemen’s Retirement System to be managed by a board comprised of law enforcement, firefighters and government officials.  I want to publicly thank all our members who made it to Trenton to gather support for this effort on less than 24-hour notice.  Our membership always comes through when it matters—Thank you.

After years of underperforming investment gains and increasing hedge fund consultant fees, if the governor approves this legislation, this legislation will provide an opportunity for us, along with our brothers and sisters from the FMBA and the FOP, to protect our retirement funds.

I want to also thank the majority of Assembly members and State Senators who supported us in this effort.  I encourage all of you to know your legislators and find out if they supported the NJSPBA today.  Please contact me if you want information on the actual vote.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the law enforcement officers murdered in Dallas. These vicious murders make one thing clear: Even while protecting the communities we are sworn to serve, we are in danger because of our profession.  Please be vigilant and remain on high alert given the anti-police sentiment making its way through our country.

Do your job, but don’t be a hero.  Please be mindful of your surroundings at all times.  Avoid any situations that are not essential to public safety or the very description of your job during these dangerous times.  Most importantly, please take all precautions to survive your shift and make it home to your families.   When off-duty, we are recommending that you limit wearing  police insignia or PBA apparel that would make you or your family a target for those looking to harm law enforcement officers.  We also encourage taking police shields and other police identifying articles off your cars.

We’re all in this together.  Protect one another and get home safe to your family.  

Marc Kovar, NJSPBA Executive Vice President

As a result of ongoing negotiations on recovery legislation for Atlantic City there will be NO Assembly session on Wednesday, May 11, 2016. Our discussions with legislative leadership are continuing on a daily basis. We will update the membership as soon as possible on our next steps.

I am truly honored to have been appointed Executive Vice President of the State PBA.  As a Passaic police detective, I understand the challenges that face our cities and towns as we continue to be challenged by the economy and a lack of financial support from the State.  I am therefore committed to remaining a fierce fighter for the rights and benefits that the men and women of law enforcement deserve for placing their lives on the line for the people of New Jersey.  For too long, politicians pay lip service to that dedication and I intend to work with you to make sure they live up to their speeches!

As Chairman of the PBA Collective Bargaining Committee and as an Area Vice President for the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO), I also know firsthand that our collective bargaining rights are truly under attack from inside and outside the State.  We must be committed to each other to work closely to enhance our operations to address this threat head on.  But I am convinced that our strengths as an organization far outweigh the threats that challenge us.  I know from experience what a unified group of law enforcement officers can achieve.

I look forward to working with State PBA President Colligan , the Executive Board, the Board of Delegates and every member to honor your sacrifices, to fight for your rights and to preserve the benefits that were promised to all of us when we took our oaths to protect and serve the public.