Over the past week, we have been contacted by numerous members about an initiative to block Horizon from engaging American Specialty Health (ASH) to oversee Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies.

There are numerous reasons that the chiropractors are attempting to block this coupling, but the main reason is that they claim that it will create a hurdle to continued care.

Please know that the PBA has requested that any references to the SHBP be removed from the announcement on Horizon’s website as of yesterday morning, that request was honored. We have also been able to have the Division of Pensions and Benefits set up a presentation at the next Design Committee meeting.

The PBA is investigating as to whether or not the changes in the administration of these benefits are design changes and would require Plan Design Committee approval. The PBA does not support any restriction to access to benefits.

It is important to know that if you are not in the State Health Benefits Plan, you should be registering any concerns with your employer and their broker on behalf of your Local. If your health care provider has asked you to contact your legislators or the Division of Banking and Insurance, we encourage you to do so if that is your desire.

Lastly, If any members have had a plan under Cigna and have had benefits affected by ASH I ask that they contact me directly. We would like to make sure that there is no barrier to any type of care that you require.
We will keep you informed as this develops.


Kevin C. Lyons, Sr.
Health Benefits Coordinator

The State PBA successfully guided two priority Bill's through the Legislature today.  The movement of the bills, and opposition to several other measures, reflect the State PBA commitment to strengthen the law enforcement for officers at all levels of our profession.

Senate Bill 785, drafted by the State PBA, establishes a fair process and gap training for corrections officers to transition into sheriff officer positions.  The bill was passed in the Assembly during the busy budget voting session with a seldom used emergency vote at our request. The Senate passed the amended bill shortly thereafter and sent it to the Governor. We thank Speaker Coughlin for his leadership in pushing this through today.

Senate Bill 1739, another State PBA initiative, updates the title for county corrections officers to be county correctional police officers.  The bill was added to the voting list at our request and passed by the Assembly.

We were also pleased to support a bill to implement "Mallory's Law" regarding bullying and parental responsibility. The bill is in response to the suicide of Mallory Grossman whose parents have partnered with the PBA to help prevent suicide by children due to bullying. The bill passed the Senate as well today.

There was no movement on bills to implement the pension and benefit reform proposals in the "Pathway to Progress" report. We remain in discussion with the Senate President regarding cost saving measures within the health care industry that would replace proposals to further reduce benefits for law enforcement employees.  The State PBA proposals respect that health care is a collective bargaining right and they equate to hundreds of millions in savings to streamline the delivery and use of health care benefits for our members

To all Delegates and Presidents:

The following courses are still available through the NJSPBA Education Committee.  As you can see in the course descriptions, there are two courses that we are making available to the general membership.  The Health Benefits seminar and Below 100 are both available to all interested members Statewide.  The Health Benefits update is even more critical given the amount of questions members currently have about changes being made in benefits across NJ.  Please make sure your members know this seminar is available to all of them.  The Below 100 course is an officer safety presentation specifically designed to reduce the number of preventable line-of-duty law enforcement casualties.  In today’s current political climate, the risks faced by law enforcement are dangerous enough; let’s try to educate our Brothers and Sisters better to keep the preventable risks, injuries and deaths as low as possible.

The course list has been posted in the magazine, but please make a point to distribute this information to your members and encourage them to participate.

An educated member is always the strongest member.

The remaining courses are open as listed and we encourage you all to take advantage of the information and knowledge available from the instructors. 

To register for courses, please visit If you have any questions or suggestions for future courses, please contact

Best regards,
Joe D. Dudley II
Dunellen Local #146
Education Committee Chair

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Governor Murphy today signed into law a PBA initiated bill to expand the class 3 officer Program.

Under the new law every law enforcement officer eligible for retirement in the PFRS and every retired bi-state and federal officer would be eligible to be appointed as a class 3 officer. The law will go into effect 7 months from today so that the Police Training Commission has the time to develop the appropriate training program for these officers.

The new law also removes the current restrictions on how long an officer can be retired to be eligible. There are now no limits on how long an officer can be retired to be offered a class 3 job. And the law also now limits the off duty work available to class 3 officers by ensuring that all extra duty school assignments be offered first to the full time members of the police department before a class 3 officer can be offered the post. 

We would like to thank the NJ Association of Chiefs of Police for their cooperation and guidance in developing the law. We are grateful to Senator Bucco and Assemblyman Bucco for their sponsorship of the bill and appreciate the governor signing this PBA priority legislation quickly into law.

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