Labor Relations Services

George F. O'Brien was brought on board as a Labor Relations Consultant to assist local PBA's with their collective bargaining programs, as well as with grievance arbitration research.

George F. O'Brien has completely revised a data bank of collective bargaining agreements to be more user friendly to the locals that request data. Demographical information is available to locals. The information charts comparison listing each municipality in a given county and comparing its populations, geographic size, crime rate, tax rate, contract, and etc.

Each year George conducts The Collective Bargaining Seminar.

Information Available

  • Grievance Arbitration Research
  • Collective Bargaining Programs
  • Archives of all Collective Bargaining Agreements.
  • Demographic Info.
  • Informative Seminar

Appointments and inquiries can be made by calling the following telephone numbers:

  • State Office: (732)636-8860
  • Woodbridge State Office (Fax): 732-636-3111