The New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association, Inc. will conduct a Toy Drive at our Delegates meeting on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 at the Pines Manor in Edison. Donations will benefit Foster and Adoptive Family Services, who will be in attendance.

Please show your holiday spirit and bring an unwrapped toy to the December Meeting.

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Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I reached out to the New Brunswick Police Department today and asked them to cancel the ride-along scheduled tonight for RWJ Barnabas Executive Michellene Davis.  New Brunswick police agreed and the ride-along is officially canceled. In my opinion, the ride-long was turning into a media spectacle.  This was never my intention.  My responsibilities and loyalties are with the 33,000+ members of the NJSPBA, not the RWJ Barnabas Health public relations team.

As background, in response to an anti-law enforcement social media post by RWJ Barnabas Health Executive Michellene Davis, I went live on 101.5FM radio at 8:08am the morning the story broke and publicly called her and her employer out for anti-police bias.  I called her social media post ignorant and irresponsible that morning and I stand by those thoughts today.

At the time, I also challenged Ms. Davis to put on a bullet proof vest and ride along with police, an offer that she accepted.  I contacted New Brunswick police and they agreed to invite Ms. Davis on a ride-along.  I believe that to change anti-police bias we need to educate community influencers. The ride-along was always intended to show Ms. Davis first-hand what law enforcement has to experience each and every shift— for her to spend a night in our shoes.  I have not been asked by anyone at any time to “fix” this situation, and the ride-along challenge was made before RWJ Barnabas made any decision on Ms. Davis’ employment status.

After the controversy broke, Ms. Davis offered the following apology on social media: “I want to publicly apologize for an extremely insensitive and offensive comment posted on Facebook.  My concern for the safety of schoolchildren and gun violence led me to react to a headline without thinking. Having a late sister and other family in law enforcement I deeply respect the law enforcement community and appreciate their service and admire their sacrifice.”

Ms. Davis’ ignorant Facebook comment and the resulting media coverage shed light on what I believe is one of the most important things for law enforcement.  We must all stand together because any attack on law enforcement, regardless of whether the attack is on a local patrol officer or the state’s top law enforcement officer, is an attack on us all. 
Pat Colligan
President, NJSPBA

Please review the nomination process for NJSPBA and PBA Local 600 endorsed Candidate Bruce A. Polkowitz for the position of Retiree Representative to the PFRS Board of Trustees.

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Join the New Jersey PBA at the Never Forget Tribute Classic!

The Never Forget Tribute Classic is a premier college basketball event featuring the UConn Huskies versus Florida St. Seminoles and Mississippi St. Bulldogs versus Clemson Tigers.

Half of each ticket purchased will be donated to the New Jersey State PBA Survivor & Welfare Fund!

The fund is dedicated to providing support and survivor benefits to the families of PBA members who have the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty and easing the burden of those officers who are experiencing significant personal hardships.

Never Forget Tribute Classic details:
When: Saturday, December 8th
Time: 4:00 PM - Clemson vs Mississippi State
6:30 PM - UConn vs Florida State
Where: Prudential Center
25 Lafayette St. Newark, NJ 07102

Use this link for tickets:

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