In another rebuke to PERC, the Supreme Court unanimously held that the issue of the payment of automatic salary increments after a contract expires is a negotiable and enforceable issue.

The Supreme Court affirmed the Appellate Division which had reversed a decision by PERC.  PERC’s decision had reversed a 35 year history of enforcing these provisions. The Supreme Court relied upon the explicit contractual language in the Atlantic County and Bridgewater contracts which required the terms and conditions of employment to remain in full force and effect after the expiration of the contract.  The State PBA participated as an amicus in this case.  We will provide a more detailed analysis of the decision.

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It was a hectic day for over 300 NJSPBA members who crowded the NJ Assembly hallways in support of legislation that allows the Police and Firemen’s Retirement System to be managed by a board comprised of law enforcement, firefighters and government officials.  I want to publicly thank all our members who made it to Trenton to gather support for this effort on less than 24-hour notice.  Our membership always comes through when it matters—Thank you.

After years of underperforming investment gains and increasing hedge fund consultant fees, if the governor approves this legislation, this legislation will provide an opportunity for us, along with our brothers and sisters from the FMBA and the FOP, to protect our retirement funds.

I want to also thank the majority of Assembly members and State Senators who supported us in this effort.  I encourage all of you to know your legislators and find out if they supported the NJSPBA today.  Please contact me if you want information on the actual vote.

The recent hysteria from local government officials about PBA endorsed legislation to restructure the management of the Police and Firemen’s Retirement System is a massive stretch of the facts that ignores the reality of the clear language of the bill, the success of the labor-management pension funds around the nation and the League of Municipalities role in crafting much of the bill as it appears today.


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