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Please Come Out in Support Brother O’Hare of Morris Township PBA Local 133

Attention All NJ State PBA Members and Law Enforcement Officers

Please support fellow Officer Sgt. Sean O’Hare of the Morris Township PBA Local 133.

On  Wednesday July 22, 2015 at 10:00 am at the Morris Township Municipal Building (50 Woodland Ave., Morristown, NJ 07960), there will be a public disciplinary hearing for Sgt. Sean O’Hare .

Brother Sean O’Hare is an 18 year veteran of the Morris Township Police Department and a career long member of P.B.A. Local #133. He currently serves as Financial Secretary, Trustee and is a member of the SOA contract negotiating committee.

Brother  O’Hare authored an email regarding the contract negotiations that was critical of the business administrator and sent to P.B.A. members only. The e-mail was later anonymously printed and given to the business administrator.

Brother O’Hare was subsequently investigated for agency Rules & Regs violations and served with administrative charges of Conduct Unbecoming a Police Officer. Brother O’Hare is looking at a significant suspension without pay.

With the assistance of legal counsel obtained through the L.P.P., P.B.A. Local 133 is confident that Brother O’Hare’s e-mail is protected as union speech and the actions against him are ant-union animus.

If available, please come show your support to our brother and also make a statement to the Township that their anti-union animus is unacceptable and not to be tolerated.

Thank you,

Patrick Colligan, State President.

Important State Health Benefit Update from Kevin Lyons

On July 6th, the State Health Benefits Plan Design Committee approved a series of plans that will significantly change the way that health benefits are delivered to our members.

In an effort to contain costs and provide a higher standard of care, the Design Committee passed the following modifications to the State Health Benefits Plan for the plan year 2016. The modifications on the Hepatitis C medications and the changes in compounded medicines will take place within 90 days of notification of the members of the State health Benefits Plan who are affected.

The State Health Benefits Plan will initiate a pilot program that involves Direct Primary Care Medical Homes. The nature of this pilot will allow you to go to a primary care physician who will manage your health care needs for no copay and hopefully detect chronic diseases that ultimately drive the cost of care downstream. There is a detailed description of the pilot in the July issue of COPS. While the public safety representatives abstained on the motion for this model, it was not because they did not support the concept. There was a genuine movement to create competition to drive down costs.

Compounded drugs will only be issued on a basis of medical necessity. This is due to an abuse of the plan that allows compound pharmacies to solicit patient and charge thousands of dollars for compounds that only cost pennies.

Hepatitis C medications that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars will be issued on a step therapy basis that will begin with Viekera Pack, and if that is unsuccessful, will move to the other drugs developed for this purpose. The reason for this is that Express Scripts negotiated a lower rate for those drugs.

Horizon will be offering a new plan that will replace the HMO 1525, 2030 and 2035 plans for active members only. This Tiered network will offer reduced copays for in network, but a higher deductible out of network. A detailed description will be disseminated to your delegates in the coming days. This plan will be between 20-25% less than the Direct and freedom plans.

There will be a new fee structure for in network payments to practitioners in the fields of chiropractic care and acupuncture. The out of network benefits will be reduced in order to encourage them back into the network.

Emergency room copays will be increased by $25 for each plan under $100. These are waived for pediatric and physician referrals. The copay will stay at that level if Emergency room utilization is decreased by 35% in 2016.

Finally there will be a wellness initiative at Rutgers University to study the benefits of such a plan. This will be cone in cooperation with Robert Wood Johnson hospital.

The committee designed these changes to attempt to reduce premium costs going forward and will continue to strive to improve the health of our members.

The Design Committee is truly working as a team to develop plans that will benefit our members and the PBA appreciates everyone on the committee for their hard work, both labor and management.

Article on NJ 101.5 - NJPBA President Discusses Residency Requirements Bill

Read More about NJPBA President Pat Colligan discusses residency requirement Here


Prieto Stands in Solidarity with State PBA in Atlantic City

Members of the New Jersey Police Benevolent Association found themselves in the midst of a legislative leader this morning at their monthly meeting in Atlantic City.

It was Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32), who hurled read meat into the crowd of cops, telling them that the budget the Democratic legislature plans to submit to Gov. Chris Christie fully funds police pensions in accord with Chapter 78.

A judge earlier this month ruled that Chapter 78 does not legally bind Christie to make the full pension payment, and lawmakers expect a Christie vivisection of that portion of the Democrats’ proposed budget.

Those present at today’s PBA meeting welcomed the speaker with robust applause.

Cover photo and article compliments of PolitickerNJ.  Read more New Jersey News, Politics, Opinion, and Analysis at

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President's Message

Patrick Colligan, NJSPBA President Patrick Colligan, President Wow! What a Ride! The 1st Year in Review

Author Hunter S. Thompson is the writer of my favorite quote of all time: He certainly had his share of personal issues but once wrote:

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”

Now that certainly would have described some of my trips to Key West during the past years, but I never would have thought that quote would cover an entire year of my life.

You all know the story by now. I was supposed to be in a quiet corner of the NJ State PBA office, answering your pension questions and doing the pension seminar road show. I enjoyed the work and would have been happy to finish out my career there. Things happen in life that we aren’t always expecting. Needless to say, I wasn’t expecting to be sitting at the president’s desk. But I’m certainly glad it happened that way.

“Wow! What a ride!” certainly sums up our first year. It seems like Marc and I just hit the ground a few weeks ago. We started in July of 2014, and we were immediately hit with two tragic line-of-duty deaths and a governor that was intent on disrespecting a slain teacher’s life and the honorable work of teachers, firefighters and law enforcement officers that constructed a playground in Long Beach Island in her honor. For the record, we kept him off the playground that day. We also made a pledge to our membership to meet every single legislator in six months.

We knew how important it was to reconnect in Trenton after some verydisappointing years from many of our legislators. We soon realized it would take more like a year and we are only about a dozen short as of today, but we will be done very soon. Our governor has kept us busy by doing everything but making good decisions for our state. The pension debacle has compounded; he is pushing police consolidation as the miracle cure for New Jersey policing and commissioned the pension roadmap that led nowhere good for those of us in PFRS. I’ve only scratched the surface of our first year, but I know much more will be covered in this issue.

For those that believed in us and showed up for us this past year when we needed you, I offer you a very sincere “THANK YOU!” For those who haven’t yet, we still need your help. Trenton Day 2 is in the works, and we have one hell of a big election coming up this November.

For the kind words everywhere we go, trust me…it really is appreciated. Our successes have certainly outweighed our disappointments, and I’m sure year two will also be full of curve balls, speed bumps and a lot of great successes too.

God-willing, I will be sitting at the same desk next year, reflecting on year two and thinking “Wow! What a ride!”


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