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President Pat Colligan’s News 12 Interview
Senate Committee to Act on Sick Leave Cap

The Senate Budget Committee will revive legislation to cap sick leave payouts on October 27th. The bill, Senate Bill 2318, caps future sick leave payouts at $15,000. However, the bill is clear that any sick leave and vacation already earned by the employee in excess of that amount would be protected by the bill. Therefore, PBA members will not lose any time under the proposal. The bill would take effect after the end of any current collective bargaining agreements.

The State PBA has insisted that any discussion on sick leave caps must contain protections for time earned at the time the bill becomes law and that language exists in the bill. It is unknown at this time whether the Governor will accept the legislation as he had vetoed similar legislation before. We will update the membership as the situation develops further.

PBA Day in Trenton Turns Heads in State House

Hundreds of members of the State PBA packed the State House and State House Annex today to witness the legislative process in action and to send a message to Trenton that PBA members are paying attention to them.

"I was very impressed with today's turnout and the impression we made on the members of the Senate and Assembly today was obvious", State PBA President Pat Colligan said. "The response from legislators from our appearance today showed we left our mark."

State PBA leadership and members attended Committee meetings and the Assembly Voting Session and met with legislators from across the State. Senate Law and Public Safety Committee Chairman Norcross opened his Committee meeting by inviting PBA President Colligan and PBA Director of Government Affairs Rob Nixon to speak to the Committee about the PBA's concerns before a standing room only crowd of PBA members. Senate Education Committee Chair Teresa Ruiz also acknowledged the large crowd of PBA members in attendance at her hearing. Throughout the day, legislators sought out PBA members for conversations and pictures.

"I hope this is the first of many successful trips to Trenton for our members and that with our large showing today that we have sent a message to Trenton that our members are active, engaged and ready to come to the capitol at a moments notice", Colligan continued.

NJ COP SHOT - ALERT $20k Reward offered in attack on Asbury Park officer

$20,000 Reward

WHEN: October 9, 2014 at 10 p.m.
WHAT: Stabbing of Asbury Park officer
WHERE: 1248 Washington Avenue, Asbury Park N.J.
The NJ Cop Shot program has posted a reward of $20,000 dollars leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect responsible for stabbing Asbury Park Lieutenant David DeSane Thursday night. The lieutenant was in full dress uniform walking down the street when he observed two suspicious men behind an abandoned house on Washington Street. Lieutenant DeSane began to question the men and believed one of the suspects had a gun. Lieutenant DeSane struggled with one of the suspects and was stabbed in the face by the second suspect. Both suspects fled leaving Lieutenant DeSane bleeding at the scene. He was taken to an area hospital and treated for his stab wounds.

New Jersey State PBA President Patrick Colligan said in posting the reward, “An attack on any officer is an attack on every officer. This reward will put pressure on these suspects to surrender before one of their family or friends give them up to get the money. We are just lucky that Lieutenant DeSane did not lose his life in this struggle.” NJ Cop Shot is a program run by the New Jersey State PBA.
Anyone with information leading to the capture and conviction of the suspect should call Asbury Park Police Detective Daniel Kowsaluk at (732) 496-1935.

State PBA President Submits Comments to the Pension & Benefits Study Commission

In an attempt to insure that the commission charged with studying the Pension and Benefits system in New Jersey has access to information that will actually help them reach a conclusion that is based on fact, the PBA has submitted, by hand delivery, the letter linked below.
We are hoping that contrary to our initial opinion that the results of the study were predetermined and will simply blame employees for having rich and unsustainable benefits, the commission will take a  look at the real facts and actually do a complete analysis of the system and its sustainability. If that is the case, they will find that the information in our comments very useful.

Hopefully, the commission will agree with the recommendations of the Murphy Commission and fully fund the pension system. That will  be an indicator of the direction that this study decided to take.

View Letter Here

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President's Message

Patrick Colligan, NJSPBA President Patrick Colligan, President Summer of 2014

When Nat King Cole wrote that song he certainly got the last part right. Summer is traditionally a relatively quiet time at the NJ State PBA office. Unfortunately, the summer of 2014 didn't really cooperate. Tragically, we lost two of New Jersey's finest: Jersey City Police Officer Melvin Santiago was murdered in his police car on July 13 by an animal who wanted to be famous. A few short days later we lost Waldwick Police Officer Christopher Goodell during the performance of his duties while most of the residents of Waldwick slept safely and comfortably in their homes. We also had a host of very serious crashes involving police officers all across the state. I wish them all a fast and healthy recovery.

The dirt on Santiago and Goodell's graves hadn’t even settled when we were graced with the governor's “No Pain, No Gain" disgraceful tour of self-promotion. “Part 1” was on the very afternoon we buried Officer Goodell. I guess “No Pain, No Gain” is a lot catchier than “I Don’t Have a Damn Plan, I Want The System To Fail and I’ll Add This To My Long List Of Things I've Screwed Up” Tour.  The 2014 “No Pain, No Gain” tour can best be described as a cross between the old "Where's the Beef?” commercials from Wendy's and the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day. A whole lot of nothing replayed throughout the state over and over and over and over and over again……all summer long.

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