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NAPO Response to Police Chiefs' Apology:

NAPO's National President Michael McHale and Executive Director William Johnson issued the following statement in response to IACP President Terrence Cunningham's collective apology for American police:

"We are extremely disappointed to see such a poorly thought-out statement. NAPO stands for the notion of individual responsibility, not collective guilt.  Such appeasement of the violent anti-police movement is just one more nail in the coffin of American law enforcement.  The people who support American police officers aren't looking for an apology. And for the people who hate the police it won't make any difference."

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Attention State Health Benefits Plan Medicare Retirees:

This week, Rob Nixon, Director of Government Affairs and I met with Executives from Horizon to discuss the implementation of the Medicare advantage program. We were once again assured that there will be no modification to current coverage under this new model.

Horizon also has stated that they will be holding over 200 instructional sessions on the new process throughout the State.

Please also note that there is no modification to current prescription plans. They will be status quo.

Please keep check on this web site and PBA outlets for more information.

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Vote for PBA/FMBA Endorsed Candidate Kevin C. Lyons

Please support State PBA and State FMBA endorsed candidate for PFRS Retired Representative Kevin C. Lyons.

Voting online is quick and easy, please sign on and vote for Kevin C. Lyons the only candidate endorsed by the PBA & FMBA Retired Members!

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Kevin C. Lyons for PFRS Trustee Ballot Line #3

Brother Kevin Lyons is the PBA-endorsed candidate running for Retiree Representative to the Police and Fire Retirement System Board of Trustees.

When your ballots arrive, notice that the “PBA endorsement” is not included in Kevin’s bio. The PBA vote has become so powerful that the PFRS administration will no longer allow it to be used. Keep the power of the PBA strong! Vote for Kevin Lyons, ballot line #3. Your vote is more important now than ever. 

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New Jersey State PBA Endorses Phil Murphy in Democratic Gubernatorial Primary

New Jersey State Policemen's Benevolent Association President Patrick Colligan today announced the endorsement of Phil Murphy in the Democratic gubernatorial primary by the 33,000 member strong NJSPBA at a press conference in Union, New Jersey.

“Phil Murphy is the only announced candidate in the upcoming Democratic gubernatorial primary and he has the support of the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association as his campaign moves forward,” said Colligan.  “Phil has always filled a leadership role throughout his long career and we anticipate that experience will serve our members well.  We are announcing this endorsement today because there are a significant number of issues impacting our 33,000 members and their families and the faster the politics are removed from this process the better off they will all be.”

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President's Message

Patrick Colligan, NJSPBA President Patrick Colligan, President Dear Trenton: a race to the VERY bottom!

To my friends in the NJ State Legislature, let me start this message by saying that my sister used to believe I was so far to the “right,” I didn’t need left shirt sleeves. Tony Wieners used to say those of us in law enforcement were conservatives with Democratic needs. Whether you are right, center or left, I just have to get S-1711 off my chest this month. In case you voted on it and didn’t get a chance to peruse it, please allow me to give you some CliffNotes from the bill:

- Amending or terminating any existing contracts (excluding financing instruments such as bonds);
- Modifying the terms, including wages and hours, or other terms of collective negotiations agreements or terminating any collective negotiations agreements to which the municipality is a party;
- Negotiating, on behalf of the municipality, future collective bargaining agreements;
- Abolishing any positions in the municipality;
- Unilaterally appointing, transferring, or removing employees.

Humor me and please go back and re-read that just one more time; it’s kind of important to those of us who have dedicated our lives to serving the citizens of New Jersey. Allow me to pull the old “Miriam Webster says” for a second. Unilateral means: “Done or undertaken by one person or party.”

Anybody want to hazard a guess who that might be?

Now, forgive me for insulting anybody but that places New Jersey public workers’ rights somewhere below Mississippi and a slight tick above China. I say New Jersey because that bill doesn’t say Atlantic City anywhere in its 22 pages. I checked.

This is a bill for all of New Jersey (granted, with some parameters). I’m not sure how anybody on either side of the aisle doesn’t read that and have the bejesus scared out of them. It really is a race to the very bottom. I hope that those of you who voted for it get another bite at the apple. I suspect you will.… Read More