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Prieto Stands in Solidarity with State PBA in Atlantic City

Members of the New Jersey Police Benevolent Association found themselves in the midst of a legislative leader this morning at their monthly meeting in Atlantic City.

It was Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32), who hurled read meat into the crowd of cops, telling them that the budget the Democratic legislature plans to submit to Gov. Chris Christie fully funds police pensions in accord with Chapter 78.

A judge earlier this month ruled that Chapter 78 does not legally bind Christie to make the full pension payment, and lawmakers expect a Christie vivisection of that portion of the Democrats’ proposed budget.

Those present at today’s PBA meeting welcomed the speaker with robust applause.

Cover photo and article compliments of PolitickerNJ.  Read more New Jersey News, Politics, Opinion, and Analysis at

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Letters Mailed to Head of CNN and Their Advertisors

Dear Members,

Attached please find our letter to the head of CNN protesting the outrageous comments regarding calling a would-be cop-killer “courageous and brave.” 

We have also compiled a list of major advertisers and are drafting letters from NAPO to each of them calling on them to address this situation with CNN.  We will get those letters out to you as well, and also the list of advertisers.  Our hope is that each member group, and more importantly, officers and their family and friends, can use our letters as a template to write and send their own.  CNN won’t change their philosophy about America’s police, but if there advertisers feel the pinch, we can at least hope to change their behavior.

Click Here to View Documents

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President Colligan Discusses the Pension Ruling

President Colligan discusses the  pension ruling and the future plans of the State PBA regarding PFRS on NJTV'S "On the Record"

Click Here to View Video


A Boycott of CNN and its Advertisers

Dear NAPO members,

As you have no doubt heard, CNN has extended its ongoing streak of anti-police rhetoric and misinformation by calling the violent attacker at the Dallas Police Department “courageous and brave.”  This is from the same network that promulgated the whole “hands up, don’t shoot” myth after the Ferguson, Missouri shooting.  Below please find the text of a letter from NAPO Executive Board member and PANO president Mike Glasser instituting a call for a boycott of CNN and its advertisers.

 This weekend’s attack in Dallas demonstrates the very real need for armor and high-calibre weapons for police to defend themselves and the public they protect.  If all of our member groups can help get this word out and ask their officers, family members and friends to write even one letter or email to a CNN advertiser, it will make a difference! 

To whom it may concern,

Being a citizen with an avid interest in news, current events, and social trends, like many folks I rely on mainstream media for accurate and contemporary reporting. It is no secret that some media sources will interview pundits and collaborators with views more aligned with the station’s own views thus casting the light of events in the desired shade. This is generally recognized and an accepted practice. Experience will teach the viewer what to expect and one can generally compensate by watching a variety of news sources to acquire a balanced perspective.

As the president of the police labor organization representing New Orleans police officers, I am frequently interviewed locally and occasionally nationally. I have often seen my own interviews edited and presented entirely differently depending upon the station doing the reporting. I mention this to give perspective to my comments which follow. I have had a lot of experience with how various news outlets distort news and commentary depending on their agendas.

I saw the piece with CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield regarding the attack on the Dallas (TX) Police headquarters early Saturday morning. I was appalled when I heard Whitfield describe the attacker, armed with automatic weapons and incendiary devices and using an armored vehicle as, “courageous” and “brave.”

On July 12, 2012, when CNN reported on the mass shooting at the Century movie theatre in Aurora, CO, the shooter was never described as courageous and brave. Nor was the shooter at Ft. Hood, TX in July, 2009, nor the next gunman at Ft. Hood in 2014.

It appears that when the attack is on a police station, CNN decides to glorify the attacker. Now perhaps it is only Ms. Whitfield’s opinion and not that of CNN. The people at CNN should understand that Ms. Whitfield’s remarks have incensed and insulted the entire law enforcement community along with each and every officer, deputy, and agent who has sworn to protect the public and risks their lives daily.

I’m certain that if CNN’s studios were attacked in a similar way and a police spokesperson described that attacker as brave, that sound bite would be replayed for days on end with a demand for the termination of that spokesperson and an apology from that Department.

At a time when politics is rendering American law enforcement impotent and it seems like we are being vilified by everyone with access to a microphone or a WiFi connection, CNN chooses to offer a cheap and offensive remark on international television. Unless there is a significant public apology by CNN and Ms. Whitfield to the Dallas Police Department and the entire law enforcement community, I will encourage my counterparts nationwide to endorse a boycott of CNN and all its supporting advertisers by all police officers, sheriff’s deputies, state and federal agents, all unsworn law enforcement personnel and their families, friends, and supporters.

– Michael Glasser, President
Police Association of New Orleans (PANO)

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President's Message

Patrick Colligan, NJSPBA President Patrick Colligan, President Thank You, Governor Christie!

I’m not sure how I let this go for so long. I am long overdue in offering a sincere and heartfelt “thank you” to the Governor for all he has unwittingly done for the PBA and our membership. He has helped us in ways we could have never dreamed of doing on our own, and for that I am eternally grateful.

As I write this, yesterday was the Primary Election here in New Jersey and the polls have long been closed. At 11 a.m. yesterday morning,thanks to Governor Christie, we had close to 100 of our members here and already at polling locations ready to work in three different districts. We had so much help here at our phone bank they had to bring in more phones. I think they underestimated us. I apologize if you had difficulty calling in on June 2 because we resorted to using every open hard line, too. Delegates, Presidents, rank-and-file, a spouse or two and a very healthy contingent of our Local 600 members hit the phones until just after 7 p.m. I hope that I thanked each and every one of you that was here. For those that headed directly to polling locations, THANK YOU!

The results from our efforts? We batted a thousand yesterday and landed onto the political playing field with a very loud thump. I can’t lie, I was a little nervous on my way into the office, but as usual the men and women of the State PBA did not disappoint.

 “If you think you are leading and turn around to see no one following, then you are just taking a walk.”– Benjamin Hooks, retired director of the NAACP

So thank you, Mr. Christie. We couldn’t have done any of that without you! Since 2010, you have taught us so much. We’ve learned that your “sacred trust” letter serves a better purpose at the bottom of a bird cage than any scant representation of your word. You taught us that $5.5 billion in corporate welfare and tax breaks ranks higher on your list than our retirement or COLA, and you taught us that your Wall Street friends certainly deserve that $1.5 billion in fees more than our families that have sacrificed so much. Thank you for the $7.7 million dollar Bridgegate “investigation” you were nice enough to give us 344 more pages to line our bird cages with. We were almost out of those yellowed “sacred trust” letters that have been hanging in briefing rooms throughout the state for years now.

You have given us our first PAC in the history of the PBA. You have compelled 100 percent of our membership to register to vote. You helped us set records at our Collective Bargaining Seminar and absolutely shattered attendance records at our Mini-Convention. You have engaged our membership like never before. Even our recruitment is up. Governor, if you told me a few short years ago that our own members would bestanding around this PBA office waiting patiently to make a few thousand phone calls into the night or set up at polling locations throughout this state, you could have sold me a huge bridge with one-lane access. But no sir. You did it! When you head to New Hampshire, Iowa and spots around this great country of ours blowing the rest of next year’s pension obligations and squeezing the juice out of the orange, you let all those nice folks know you didn’t have many successes in New Jersey but, goshdarnit, you sure woke up those 33,000 PBA Members!

On behalf of our entire membership, THANK YOU, GOVERNOR! We’ve reached astounding new heights and none of it has been possible without you.


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